PlayStation Move Heroes



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Developer(s) Nihilistic Games
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
First Release NA: March 22, 2011
JP: March 24, 2011
EU: March 25, 2011
AUS: April 14, 2011
Genre(s) Platformer
Mode(s) Single-player
Co-operative Multiplayer
Ratings ESRB:215px-ESRB Everyone 10 .svg
Platform(s) PlayStation 3

PlayStation Move Heroes (known in Japan as: Gachinko Heroes ガチンコヒーローズ Gachinko Hīrōzu which literally means: Hardcore Heroes) is a action-game that was released on March 22, 2011 [1], on Sony's most recent gadget, the PlayStation Move. The game features Ratchet and Clank from the Ratchet & Clank, Jak and Daxter from the Jak and Daxter, and Sly Cooper and Bentley from Sly Cooper. The game's previous title was "Heroes on the Move". Although the game features these characters, none of the creators of those characters directly worked on the game. Instead, the game was developed by Nihilistic Software. The game has been poorly received.


A mysterious alien duo named Lunk and Gleeber has swept through the galaxy, fiendishly snatching entire chunks from the worlds of Ratchet, Jak and Sly Cooper to create a ring around a mysterious planet in the galaxy. After being abducted to this new world, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, and Sly and Bentley are invited by their alien hosts to compete in a friendly, yet challenging competition to test their extraordinary skills and determine who the best hero duo is. The heroes discover that all is not as it seems as Gleeber and Lunk have made the Whibbles (a race of small floating aliens) their slaves and forced them to mine their planet hollow (to build what appeared to be a gun which was later revealed to be a teleportation device). The heroes soon find themselves joined together in the ultimate battle to protect the Whibbles and themselves from Gleeber and Lunk and their evil Lunk heads. They end up defeating the three cities' challenges and complete the game's hardest challenges. While completing the challenges, the heroes also find out Gleeber and Lunk had been recording their adventures in order to go to each of their universes to take their places (after killing the heroes) and take credit for their actions. After beating all of the levels and a suspicious tower hiding the Main Evil Lunk Head with the help of the Whibbles, Daxter destroys the rest of the Evil Lunk Heads and throws a disk at the large head, destroying the power source for the teleporter so Gleeber and Lunk could not complete their plot. The heroes and Whibbles apprehend the Gleeber and Lunk (after they put up a pathetic fight) and send them into space using one of the evil duo's own rockets. Afterwards, the Whibbles power up the teleporter and open a portal to each city. After saying a final goodbye to each other, the heroes returned to their individual points in time in which they were first teleported. However, each pair of heroes had a communicator in order to keep in contact with the others, except Daxter, who slipped his and Jak's behind a rock and relaxed.


Players are able to control all 6 characters.The Move controllers are used to physically swing the character's weapons, guide ninja stars, and roll bowling balls. There is an available co-op mode, but reviews said that it was a poor addition, as the second player does nothing besides dropping power-ups or being a crosshair. There is an online leaderboard.

Each player collects crystals, which are similar to Coins, Eco, and Bolts, which will allow the current character to activate their special ability; Bentley will be able to use his laptop to turn robots against each other, while Jak will go into Dark Jak mode. Sly, Jak, and Ratchet are "Big Characters", while Bentley, Daxter, and Clank are "Small Characters". Each mission will allow the player to either choose a small character or a big character, depending on the mission. Each character's moves have been said to be unique to all the other characters.

It features a total of 50 levels, which can be categorized into five "archetypes", five weapon classes and four environments namely Paris from Sly Cooper, Metropolis City on Kerwan from Ratchet & Clank, Haven City from Jak and Daxter and Gleebertopia which is an original environment created for the game. Players can choose which character they want to play as on each level, each character will have a different gameplay style and may have advantages on certain levels. Co-operative play allows the second player to play as the first player's sidekick character for example if the first player selects Jak as his character, the second player will automatically be assigned Daxter.


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Playable CharactersEdit

Non-Playable CharactersEdit

Localations, Levels and ChallengesEdit


Haven CityEdit



Dimond ChallengsEdit



Collecting Gold Bolts, Precursor Orbs and Coins unlocks costumes:

  • Ratchet
    • Normal (Pilot Suit)
    • Convict Ratchet
    • Mustachio Furioso Ratchet
    • Trilium Armour Ratchet (DLC)
  • Clank
    • Normal (Metal Skin)
    • Cowboy Clank
    • Tropical Clank
    • Secret Agent Clank (DLC)
  • Sly Cooper
    • Normal
    • Ninja Sly
    • Vincinetti Goon Sly
    • Pirate Sly (DLC)
  • Bentley
    • Normal
    • Old School Bentley
    • Hunting Pilot Bentley
    • Future Bentley (DLC)
  • Jak
    • Normal
    • Racer Jak
    • Barbarian Jak
    • Freedom League Jak (DLC)
  • Daxter
    • Normal
    • Military Daxter
    • Native Alien Daxter
    • Pants Daxter (DLC)

Ultimate AbilitiesEdit


  • Sly, Jak and Ratchet:
    • Whip
      • Plasma Whip (Ratchet)
      • Eco Whip (Jak)
      • Energy Whip Sly
    • Bowling Ball: A high-tech bowling ball can be controlled after launching. There aren't any Survival Challenges or Whibblet Rescue Challenges for a Bowling Ball.
    • Melee (Original Weapon): Not high-tech or too old, every hero uses its classic weapon at these challenges. No jailbreak challenges.
  • Bentley, Daxter and Clank:
    • Disc: A high-tech disc can fly through the air with your controls after launching. No Whibblet Rescue or Survival Challenges can be done with these. The disc look change with characters:
    • Blasters: There are 3 blasters. Bouncer (launch grenades) Red MorphGun (close range shotgun) and Combuster (long range gun). Small guys only. Only for Rocket Fuel and Whibblet Rescue.



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